our approach
  At ENERGY, we believe in fitness without gimmicks
We provide a dynamic environment for personal and group empowerment and promote a balanced, functional and efficient fitness regime inspired by the body’s natural need for movement.
  We are customer-centric
Our classes are developed based on the deep and meaningful dialogue we have with our loyal clients, so each time they step through the door they feel as if they are entering their own customized fitness experience.
  We are always evolving
The ENERGY fitness philosophy is inspired by the values of pilates movement including self awareness, core-based movements and natural alignment, however our classes include cardio and strength elements that also embody these ideals.
  We are a learning organization
As technology evolves and our knowledge of the human body increases rapidly everyday, we are committed to providing instructors who know the latest advancements in physical movement and to passing this information on to our clients.
  We are inspired by your results!
ENERGY is an achievement-based fitness environment. Expect to be challenged and for your instructors to inquire about your results and satisfaction with your workouts, making suggestions on how to better achieve your health and fitness goals.

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