At ENERGY, the foundation of our programming is built on the concept of functional fitness – fitness for daily life. Getting to your health and fitness goals can be accomplished with a well-rounded program that consists not only of cardiovascular training and healthy eating, but with a fitness regime that incorporates strength, balance and flexibility for a complete and well-rounded approach.

Benefits of strength training:
  • Increases strength and muscles mass. Muscle loss happens through aging and a lack of regular exercise.

  • Increase metabolic rate. Sensible strength training result in the use of more calories all day long and reduces the likelihood of fat accumulation.

  • Reduces body fat.

  • Increase bone mineral density. Slowing down the rate of bone mineral density loss can decrease chances of osteoporosis in later life

  • Reduces resting blood pressure.

  • Improves glucose metabolism. This can assist in the prevention of adult onset diabetes.

  • Improves cholesterol levels.

  • Reduces lower back pain.

Benefits of balance training:
  • It benefits your neuromuscular coordination – basically it helps improve the communication between your brain and muscles.

  • It helps with muscle isolation – during balance training you have to maintain stabilization and you are force to engage and individual muscle predominantly so that you are not using other muscles to help you “cheat”.

  • During balance training your body has to work that much harder to stabilize – in turn this helps you to burn more calories.

  • It help with hip stabilization.

  • It helps with core stabilization and this in turn helps to improve your coordination, athletic skill and posture.

Benefits of flexibility training:
  • Improved performance and decreased risk of injury.

  • Reduced muscle soreness.

  • Improved posture.

  • Reduced risk of low back pain.

  • Increase blood and nutrients to tissues.

  • Improved muscle coordination.

  • Enhanced enjoyment of physical activities – it helps relax both mind and body.


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