ENERGY fundamentals
Great fitness solutions to improve your health & well-being.
Stretch Therapy $100

This 75-minute session will provide a complete stretch/injury prevention and healthy biomechanics. Our ENERGY trainers will assess your range of motion, mobility and limitations of movement that may be affecting your posture, workouts or even sports training.  Using Trigger Point Performance Therapy, foam roller techniques and mindful breathing instruction, you will  be taken through a 45-minute stretch session with details on how to apply this to a home stretching routine.  

Fitness Assessment $100

This 75-minute assessment will cover body fat and circumference measurements, flexibility and cardiovascular tests as will as core stability and function.  Your ENERGY trainer will take you through a 45-minute training session to help with this assessment and to provide for the development of a personalized training program that can be applied to either home or gym.

Postural Assessment $100

This 75-minute postural assessment includes a visual assessment from one of our ENERGY trainers as well as a 45-minute pilates session to determine your muscular imbalances and provide a detailed training program that will help to correct these imbalances, increase core strength and balance instability.

Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultation $80

This 60-minute coaching session involves and in-depth look into the clients current lifestyle and nutrition choices – your ENERGY trainer will provide feedback as to healthier food choices, weight-loss (or gain) methods that are safe and effective and help you to cross the obstacles that stand in your way of getting to your goals (each client will be required to fill out a detailed questionnaire prior to the session)

Pilates Basics $80

Not sure of where to start when it comes to pilates?  This 60-minute private session will take you through the STOTT Pilates basic principles of stabilization, breathing and control that is the foundation of Pilates.  Each client will be provided with a take home chart of exercises and as well as a STOTT Pilates Matwork DVD.


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